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I like doing work myself then atleast I know the job was done with pride and not done with cutting corners in mind.

Floor insulation and pipe lagging improvements

2:27 Seconds the boiler is off for now during a heating cycle and is only on for 30 seconds

Before starting Insulating the floor and wrapping the central heating pipes the boiler heating cycle would be off for 50 seconds after doing the dinning room and wrapping the pipes under the room the off cycle was 1 minute 15 seconds but the heating on cycle was 1 minute 7 seconds

So when having the boiler on for the second hour of two hours the heating would be on for 28 minutes of that and be on for 32 minutes now the boiler is off for 44 minutes and on for only 16 minutes roughly that's 30% less gas usage now.

So its estimated I will save money in 4 years when the costs are repaid with the savings of the efficiency but I did it mainly keep my feet warm and lower my carbon foot print.

So for every £1 I put in the boiler I will now save 30p when I get the loft done my efficiency should improve again. I replaced the windows in my house 3 years ago but I never recorded any data before I change the windows now I wish I did as I was told if you change the windows you only save 15% on heating whilst doing the floor its 25% and the cost of doing it is lower so the return is faster. It take 20 years to get a return on new windows and by that time your need to replace the panels of glass during that time. I'm trying to improve my houses thermal efficiency by up to 70% So here's hoping.

Sky Q & Sky+HD

Sky Q Netflix

A year before netflix launched on Sky Q I predicted Netflix was gonna launch on Sky Q everyone said I was mad even though I pointed out sky implemented Play Ready Microsoft protcol which netflix used to inorder to work on devices.

I like satellite TV and I like making videos and it a fact people need help from time to time to fix a problem so thats where my videos are here to help.

My latest series of videos is focusing building a loft conversion

I had a loft conversion built on my house in 2006 by a cowboy builder called John Slaytor the loft was cold in the winter and hot in the summer it had mold problems and no insulation pretty much so after taking legal action on him as he never put it right i've had to completely rebuild it from the ground up and the series of videos shows the progress of the work. I've had it bigger warmer and more upmarket than before. With network cables running throughout

Problems found with the old Loft didn't insulate correctly for a start there was loads of rubbish under the floor and behind the walls when the steels were installed and the party walls had holes made in them to insert the steels the holes werent filled in allowing mice in the loft house from the neighbors lofts the ridge steel was sitting on a piece of wood that was moving side to side the roof windows didn't have double timber on either sides supporting them properly the gaps between the windows were never filled lenting in drafts and water to rot the frame. The showeroom was too small to work. The dormer was built smaller than the lofts either side the roof battens were not treated and were rotting away the roof was sagging because of the extra weight but no additional strenght added.

150KG steel for the ridge was installed by him and was resting on one side on a piece of wood it should of been placed on top of a steel post bolted together the floor steels were installed in the party walls but the bricks and rubble was left on top of the ceiling and the holes were never filled around the steels by not doing this he didnt follow building regulations and broke the fire protection in the party wall. as I found when I started taking the building apart I could see into my neighbours lofts. which also was being used by mice to get from house to house.

If you considering getting a Loft Conversion do your research and get multiple qoutes and ask as many questions as possible also ask for a company of their insurance policy and check for reviews and references as it will pay off in the end and you can avoid a cowboy loft. and putting it right costs more than what it cost the first time around.

and avoid John Slaytor also can be found under J W Slaytor his address is 10 Quail Gardens CR2 8TF South Croydon he keeps changing company name is his website. the best way to stop a crock is to make it harder for him to get your money so thats why I want everyone to know that they should avoid at all costs.

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